I will begin this post with a heartfelt apology. I am incredibly sorry that I haven’t presented you with a new post in a while (unless you were glad of the relief, in which case, you’re welcome). I’ve been really ill recently and I knew that if I tried to write a post during that time, it would be of a terribly low standard. I had millions of ideas running around my head as I was curled up in my bed waiting for my head to stop throbbing but I was unable to sit and put these ideas into a formulaic pattern. I did attempt to write a post several times; looking back on the drafts it’s safe to say that it’s a good job that I didn’t post those frankly feeble attempts.

I have been feeling increasingly happy and confident lately. There was a bit of trouble within my flat recently but that has seemingly been resolved. Granted, I have been out of my flat for the entirety of the day as I was with someone from my course but I didn’t feel any tension earlier- thankfully! I cannot express how much I dislike tension and awkwardness. It drives me insane. I am hoping that the childishness of some people has been locked away and we can behave like adults rather than throwing petty tantrums. I am relieved that I have found others who have been having similar, if not worse difficulties with the people that they are living with. That is ultimately a part of growing up. You will encounter people you like and others who you find you do not click with but you will still have to deal with them. It’s inevitable and you need to be grown up about things rather than petty and ridiculous. 

All these new memories that I am creating lead me back to thoughts of my past. I keep thinking about memories from a few years ago and even a few months ago. My schedule is busy to a point of chaos at the present moment. The days are flying by and I can’t believe that I have been living away from home for over a month now. It (figuratively) blows my mind. I have absolutely adored meeting new people and I have met countless interesting and essentially lovely people and that has undoubtedly made the experience easier.


I always find it amusing that the littlest thing can set you off onto a major journey within your own mind. For example, I was out shopping with people from my course the other day and I saw the nail varnish brand that my mum and I use. It instantaneously took me back to the time where I dropped a basket full of my mum’s nail varnish and it smashed on the keeping and as a result left a bright red stain. I remember how that stain was bright for so long and it gradually faded. This as happened within a split second but during my moment of reminiscing I had the biggest smile on my face. It was just an everyday product that I see often on my desk but at the particular time my mind traveled back a few years. It got me thinking about the human brain. How a song/smell/sound/sight/feeling can instantly transport you back to a moment and it can feel so powerful and vivid and I personally feel that it is an amazing sensation. The sense of nostalgia did leave me feeling slightly blue until I remembered the quote from Dr. Seuss: “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened” and I’d like to leave this post on that notion.


This post was brought to you with a bit of help, in the form of the music on my iPod, by: Foo Fighters, Milow, REM, Stereophonics and The Killers.


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