New Year.

Happy New Year everyone!

*DISCLAIMER* This post will be both cliche and soppy- you’ve been warned!

This time of year often causes people to feel a sense of nostalgia. The beginning of a new year provides us a with a chance to start fresh and allows us to reflect on the events of the previous year. I could sit here and bombard you with countless cliches and idioms about new starts, but I am going to refrain from doing so. In previous posts I promised that I would try and keep up with this blog as much as possible and I aim to stick to this promise. Today’s post will provide you with my own feelings about the new year and 2014.

It is now 2015. That’s a weird feeling to me. In a few months I will be celebrating my 20th birthday and this thought often sets off alarm bells in my head. However, there aren’t many things which don’t set off alarm bells in my head. 2014 has been an eventful year to say the least. There have been highs and lows and I can honestly say that to me personally, it was an unforgettable year. I have experienced some of my darkest days but, as you can tell from this post, I am still here to tell the tale. While last year (I still can’t get used to saying that) was home to some of the worst days of my life, I can genuinely say now that I am the happiest that I have ever been. I am often cautious with my words because I worry about tempting fate. However, as I mentioned in my previous post, I am refusing to give in to this fear. Fear can help us but it can also be a hindrance.

Take advantage of every single day. Many people use the start of a new year to make changes to their life, I personally feel that it is never too late to make changes. You don’t have to make these changes at a particular time of year, you need to do them whenever the time is right for you. It may be the start of a new year, but remember, every day provides you with a fresh start. Those 24 hours are new and fresh and you can make little changes or big changes whenever you please.

Be happy.

I’ve been through a lot of things in my life- who hasn’t? Each of these experiences, good or bad, have changed me in some way or another. As a result of this I have been a worrier for the majority of my life. I have always seen the fear and risk in everything and this has meant that I have often steered clear of situations which made me anxious. Recently, I started thinking about this at length and I came to a realisation. Due to my own fear of things going wrong, I often am the reason why things don’t go exactly to plan. I spend so much time worrying about the good things in my life coming to an end, that I don’t actually spend enough time enjoying them.

Enough is enough. Life is short and we are reminded of this relentlessly but it does need to be said and considered. Why should I waste my time worrying about things going wrong rather than enjoying them? Take this post for instance, I have been terrified about writing it as I was worried that it would ‘jinx’ the things that are going right for me. Even whilst I have been writing I have been having an internal debate about whether publishing this is a good idea or not. I refuse to let my own insecurity ruin my happiness. My advice? Don’t let fear rule your life.

I am the happiest I have ever been and for once I’m not afraid to say it.

Review: Foo Fighters- Sonic Highways

There are said to be a few certainties in life. The first is death and the second is taxes. There is a third certainty which everyone forgets; each album that the Foo Fighters gifts to the world will be nothing less than a masterpiece. Sonic Highways is the eighth album from the monarchs of rock music- the Foo Fighters. Recorded in eight iconic studios over the course of a year, arguably this album is a utopia for fans of this legendary band


Listening to the opening track of the album, Something From Nothing, you can almost feel the heat from the heaving, sweaty and intoxicated bodies of festival-goers surrounding you. Ever since Dave Grohl started the band in 1994, Foo Fighters have been a prominent and adored name within the rock music scene. Sonic Highways has launched them into 2014, with tracks such as Subterranean which is arguably the heartbeat of the album, and has proved that these rockers are still alive amongst the practically prepubescent ‘stars’ in the rock charts.

Admittedly, the album does not contain as many instant classics or anthems as some of their earlier albums such as Echoes, Silence, Patience and Grace and Wasting Light. However, What Did I Do/God As My Witness and Outside will be sure to quench the thirst that fans have had for the raw and honest expertise of this band. Although they cannot provide a cure for Ebola, one thing that is for sure is that they can provide an antidote for all the poisonous pop ‘music’ that we are relentlessly subjected to on a daily basis.

Comfort Zone

Until recently, I had never been one for stepping out of my comfort zone. I once read a quote which said:

“A ship in harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are made for”- John Augustus Shedd

This idea has resonated with me ever since I stumbled upon it. Due to a number of factors I have often, like many, feared the realms beyond my comfort zone. However, over the course of the past couple of years I have actively tried to force myself to step out of my comfort zone. More often than not, I have found that my initial fears about something are more extreme than the actual event. On many occasions it was the thought of something which scared me and the potential risks, but once I had looked past these, I found stepping out of my comfort zone to be a rewarding experience.

On countless occasions over the years I have found myself biting my tongue and holding back my opinions out of fear of humiliation or confrontation. Until one day, it occurred to me, what was the worst that could happen? It is one of my grandparents who presented me with this way of thinking. When confronted with a situation or an opportunity, I think to myself- what is the worst that could happen? If I feel as if I can deal with the ‘worst’ that may potentially happen or if I decide that this is unlikely to happen, it makes things seem less scary. Due to my lack of sleep I understand that I may not have explained this properly. In essence, this way of thinking helps you look at situations rationally and take them at face value- rather than what your mind builds them up to be. This can, as a result, aid you in your decision making.

I guess what I am trying to say is that stepping out of your comfort zone can be extremely rewarding. With this in mind, I could throw a thousand over-used cliches at you about personal growth and change, but I will refrain from doing so. All I ask, is that next time you go to decline an offer because it makes you feel nervous, or it is out of your comfort zone- do it. You never know what you might be missing out on. If the activity is not dangerous, illegal or immoral just think to yourself- what’s the worst that could happen?


Each and every December I find myself in a state of reflection. As it is the final month of the year, many people often do the same thing. It has been a year full of ups and downs for me, as with many people, but as cliche as it may sound I truly believe that this year has been life-changing. I have seen a growth in my confidence levels and my happiness levels throughout the year and I am hoping that these changes will stay. Time and time again I have written on here about how my anxiety has often been a concern of mine. However, I have tried to face my demons and battle my anxiety by forcing myself to venture out of the confines of my comfort zone. This has been done in both my personal and professional life and I cannot wait to share more details with you in future posts.

Apologies for the short post but I assure you that there are many to follow!

Stay positive!

Remember me?

I could list a thousand reasons and even more excuses as to why there has been a distinct lack of posts from this page over the past couple of months. However, I do not wish to insult anyone by doing this; also I do not intend to waste your time with an endless list of why I haven’t posted. Instead, I intend to rectify this over the next few weeks and I will treat/bore you with (hopefully) daily posts.

A short explanation for my absence would that I suddenly came to dislike everything I wrote. You may feel as if I am exaggerating my disdain for my writing. You’d be wrong. I even started to feel disgusted at simple texts or notes that I would write. I would find myself writing them over and over until I felt as if there was nothing left. As a result of this, I decided to take a break. I found myself stuck in a rut of writing drafts of blog posts or poetry and then failing to post them due to my own self-doubt and lack of confidence. This cycle felt seemingly endless and was relentless and I would punish myself when I didn’t write but even when I did- nothing felt right. I had a chronic case of writer’s block.

I had to make a decision and it wasn’t an easy one. My university course had to take priority over the writing that I did in my spare time and I knew that I would surely return once I felt ready. As I have mentioned on numerous occasions, I find writing this blog therapeutic. However, what do you do when the one thing that you find relaxing, suddenly begins to be a source of your anxiety?

It’s time for some action. I refuse to let this sense of anxiety and lack of self-confidence take over me. So here I am, back again to fill your feed with rambling posts, my musing and poetry. I am hoping that you haven’t minded the wait and I assure you that things will be back to normal within the next few days.

Busy busy bee.

Apologies for the recent lack of posts. This is just a quick update to say that things have been a bit hectic my end recently, hence the lack of posts, and my brain has been a bit fried. Over the past week or so I have moved into my new house for my second year of university and attempted to sort and organise everything in my room. This took the entirety of a day and I still feel as if there is a world of chaos within my wardrobe.

Due to not being able to find some of my notebooks and as a result my ideas for blog posts, there has been a lack of posts from me in the past couple of weeks. I am hoping to amend this within the next week or so once I have returned to university and settled into my new routine.

Hope that you’re all well and I look forward to writing more for you all soon!