TFC (Day 12)- Are we nearly there yet?

I’m halfway through my own personal mini-challenge. A writing profile- if you will. I would be lying if I said that it wasn’t difficult. Trying to discipline myself into ensuring that I spend at least an hour a day writing has been tough. I have some days where I find that I am watching the clock and praying that each minute will pass a bit quicker. There are other days that are the complete opposite. Where I glance away from the clock for what seems like half an hour, and then it turns out that my coffee has turned cold and it has actually been three hours.

The time that I have spent writing has allowed me to start new projects and to develop my own style and broaden my literary horizons. In the next few days, expect to see more poetry, more rambling and my August edition of my top 5 books. I am pleased with the fact that I have stuck to my plan and I can only hope that I follow it through for the remaining twelve days.

These twelve days have been important for me in terms of writing and personally. Spending a dedicated amount of time writing has served to distract me from many different things that would usually interfere with my everyday life. These periods of distraction have aided me in working through several problems and I feel as if this time of reflection has enabled me to get closer to finding a solution.

To anyone who enjoys writing or does it professionally. I would honestly recommend creating yourself your own writing program. It increases productivity and as a result creativity. The increase of these two important factors only serves to increase your own positivity.

In these twelve days expect to see more reviews, poetry and rambling.

Thank you all for reading these posts, I hope that I haven’t bored you to sleep too many times.

Here is a photograph that I took- for your troubles.


TFC (Day 11)- Young Guns: I Want Out (Review)

Young Guns are set to release their third album in 2015. I could not be more excited. The recent release of their new single from the album I Want Out sees how the band are a force to be reckoned with. Since they burst on to the music scene in 2009, fans have been lapping up the faultless vocals of Gustav Wood and the high-energy performances by this talented band. It was early this year that the band signed to Virgin EMI and their new single I Want Out has hit almost 200,000 views in just over a week. It is safe to say that this band have their foot firmly in the door of the rock genre and that their presence is as commanding as ever.

“Cause if this is love, baby, I want out”

This track is dynamic and the music video is energetic and innovative. There is a deep sense of soul that radiates from Wood’s vocals and this only serves to reinforce these powerful and liberating lyrics. The music video provides the fans, old and new, with an explosion of life, colour and energy that is similar to that of The Killers but with a heavy and fierce twist. After merely one day of being released, this single became number one in the iTunes rock charts. This track is simply a gem that only serves to toy with fans in the build up to the release of the album next year.


Still from Young Guns- I Want Out

Despite the overwhelming positive reception to the track, there are many who are claiming that this proves that Young Guns have become a ‘sell-out’. I would argue that this is not the case. As times change, bands and the music that they produce mature and develop. Personally, I feel that this single demonstrates how the band have matured and adapted the music to the taste of the fans and the ever-changing world of music. The innovative music video illustrates the fearless nature of Young Guns and is the epitome of the style and the lyrics of this particular track. Others have argued that they are trying to be The Killers in this track. There are elements of the music video and the sound of the single that may remind some of The Killers. May everyone be reminded that artists influence each other. Therefore, it is inevitable that some tracks do have some similarities.

There will always be critics who do not like material that bands put out, but personally, I am in love with this single.

If this is a taster of the new album, baby, I want in.

TFC (Day 10)- Mallory Knox: Ghost in the Mirror (Review)

Ever since the build up and the release of their debut album in 2013, I have been hooked on Mallory Knox. This alternative rock quintet from Cambridge have made their mark in the world of rock and they have struck again this year with the release of their new single Ghost in the Mirror. Due for release in mid-October, their latest album Assymmetry is already set to be a firm favourite with their fans. It was in January that the band alerted fans that they were working on a follow-up to their album Signals. It was then recently announced that the album was complete and this later saw the release of their single Ghost in the Mirror. Equipped with a music video, the single has already reached over 150,000 views on YouTube in as little as a six weeks.

There is a sense of growth and development in terms of the styling of the music video and the sound of the track. Whilst keeping to their style of alternative rock with elements of mainstream, this single provides fans and those new to the band with a taste of what they are made of. If Signals is anything to go by, I expect that the new album will be full of drama, energy and heart as the band take you on a journey that is full of emotion and contrasting moods.

Still from Mallory Knox- 'Ghost in the Mirror'

Still from Mallory Knox- ‘Ghost in the Mirror’

This particular music video sees a sophisticated shooting style which only serves to reinforce the overall brilliance of the sound and lyrics of the track itself. The opening shot displays the band’s emblem and fades into a scene of the narrative. Arguably, the video and single itself are reminiscent of Beggars in terms of the heavy and dark themes of the video and nature of the sound. Throughout the video you are able to sees the high energy nature of the band in all their glory. The vocals from lead singer Mikey Chapman are faultless and capture the very heart of the lyrics.

“There’s a ghost in the mirror// I feel it creeping into your head”

Voyeuristic shots from the back of the car invite you as a viewer into the heart of the video- at your own risk. This single only serves to tease those who have eagerly been awaiting the arrival of their album which is now only weeks away. It is safe to say that this quintet are still going strong and that their sound has simply developed, matured and improved- not that I thought that they could get any better.

All that’s left to say is, I can’t wait for October 13th.

TFC (Day 9) – Perspective

Good afternoon!

I am in a surprisingly good mood and I have had a surprisingly productive day. Perspective. Lately, I have been thinking at length about perspective and the effect that it can have. There are some days where you wake up feeling horrendously awful and you feel as if nothing will make you feel better. During that day, if anything negative happens to you, you decide that everything is happening because you are having bad day and the world is conspiring against you. I realise that my words are terribly hyperbolic and that not everyone feels this intensely about having a ‘bad day’ but I feel that sometimes things need an injection of humour.

However, when you’re having a good day, a negative event does not affect you as much and often you will be able to laugh it off. This sees how many things are just a matter of perspective. If you perceive yourself to be in a good mood and having a good day, minor unfortunate events will seem just that- minor. In parallel to this, if you are having a day that is seemingly full of negativity and your mood is low, a small mishap can feel like the end of the world. The negativity of this event will be magnified due to your own state of mind. This is interesting to me, as it demonstrates the extent as to which our own personal feelings can affect our mood and the way in which we respond to situations. Our interpretation and the mindset by which we approach new or even familiar situations, can have a major impact on the way in which we respond.

An example of this would be when you arrive to a party and you have been dreading going to all day. You have already arrived at the location with a closed mind and this ultimately sees you respond negatively to situations that wouldn’t usually bother you. However, if you had been pleased with the prospect of this party, upon arrival you would not have been set with finding fault and essentially proving yourself right. As a result, your positive mindset may allow you to dismiss minor imperfections or negative elements of the party.

I understand that to others my thoughts may seem disjointed and they often have as much cohesion as the desert has water. However, if anyone did find any of my points comprehensible, I hope that they provided you with an interesting idea to ponder on.

Note- I am pleased that I have been able to stick to my writing plan. Although this post is short, later in the evening there will be a haiku (or two) and I am going to spend the rest of my day working on other projects.


TFC (Day 8)- Dreams


Dreams are an interesting concept within the human mind. Psychologists and scientists alike have theories regarding dreams and their meanings. However, as cited in psychological studies, there is only anecdotal evidence for the existence of dreams. This is in terms of how we only know that dreams exist, because of what we say. Certain machines and devices can be used to monitor the brainwaves of the human brain can be monitored and analysed during the different stages of sleep such as NREM and REM to predict how and when dreams occur. Sigmund Freud, a psychoanalyst, produced the book The Interpretation of Dreams on the matter. My interest is not in whether dreams exist or the ‘science’ of them, my personal interest is in the meaning of dreams.

Over the years I have attempted to remember my dreams on countless occasions and discover what they mean. When browsing online there is a plethora of generic websites which claim to give meaning to such an ambiguous and mysterious realm. For example, recently I had a dream that my cat gave birth to a litter of kittens. Despite the monotonous nature of this dream, I was curious to find out what these websites thought of the adventures that I go on when I am in the land of nod.

This post is just a bit of fun and I wanted to expressed my interest in dreams and the marvels of the human brain. Enjoy!

Here are my findings: stated:

“To see a kitten in your dream represents a transitional phase toward independence. You are ready to explore new things that life has to offer. Alternatively, the dream symbolizes innocence and purity.” stated:

“Your inner child, playfulness, self-responsibility. The need to take more time for yourself, have more fun, and nurture yourself and your sense of play more. Dreaming of this animal can represent: Having too much of one of these qualities, or that you could benefit by being less this way Not having enough of one of these qualities, or that you could benefit by being more like this Someone or something in your real life with whom you associate one of these qualities (an event, situation, threat, etc.)” stated:

“A dream of a kitten is symbolic of change and taking steps towards being on your own. On the other hand a kitten represents virtuous qualities.”

Although I have only searched three websites for the meaning of this symbol, I find it interesting that each of the results were similar. Whether there is any truth to these predictions is subject to personal opinion. As I mentioned before, this post was just for a bit of fun and to encourage others to think about their dreams. Whether this is through use of the internet or just through a bit of personal reflection.

Give it a try!

TFC (Day 7)- Inspiration

For the past couple of days, I have been struggling to write again. However, this time I have been struggling to write because I have too many ideas- rather than too few. I have been driving myself batty all day by trying to work out what to write in this very post today. Instead of putting my new ideas into writing, I thought it best to read over and begin to edit some pieces that I have previously written. 

Once again, due to working on other projects this will be a short post, but I just wanted to reassure myself and everyone else that I am keeping to my writing plan. Tomorrow I will indulge in some retail therapy and continue writing new pieces and editing old in the evening. 

TFC (Day 6)- Short and Sweet

I am pleased to announce that I am keeping to my hour a day of writing so far. It has almost been a week since I began this personal challenge and it makes me happy to know that I am sticking to my plan. 

This post will be short and sweet, rather like myself, as I am going to post some poetry immediately after this post and then continue with another project.

Hope that all is well and that I’m not boring you all to tears!