Time For Change Writing Challenge (Day 24) -The end of a writing era

Today is the final day of my mini writing challenge. Twenty four days ago, I set myself a writing challenge whereby for these twenty four days I would have to spend at least an hour a day writing. Whether this was in the form of blog posts or other projects (such as my work on Yuppee and Teenink) the aim of my ‘Time for Change Writing Challenge’ was to end my endless days of procrastination. As the premise of my writing plan would suggest, this 24 day writing challenge, was indeed a challenge to complete. The purpose of this personal writing task was to increase my levels of productivity and lower the levels of procrastination in my life. Personally, I feel as if the plan has been a success. By simply having a structured and concrete plan for the minimum amount of time that I should spend writing everyday has proved to work wonders for me as a person. During this time I have written over 24 posts and have managed to complete and publish at least one blog post per day. These have included reviews, opinion pieces and poetry and I have thoroughly enjoyed writing each of them. 

One of the many reasons behind my procrastination is my lack of confidence and as a result, lack of motivation. Formulating this plan forced me to write everyday no matter how low I was feeling about my own work. Spending at least one hour a day writing allowed me to tackle my inner demons head on and as a result I feel as if I have grown more confident as a writer in terms of my own abilities. 

This personal challenge has motivated me to continue writing and to continue writing within other genres. Now that I have seen that I am able to stick to a plan that I make for myself, it will encourage me to make other ones in the future. 

As a piece of advice, I would suggest to anyone who feels as if they have writer’s block or a lack of motivation that they need to keep writing. It doesn’t matter how low your confidence is in terms of your own abilities; remember your love for writing and never give up. The only way in which you’ll grow as a writer is to continue reading others’ work and writing your own. 

I hope that you’ve all enjoyed reading my posts and that you will enjoy my future posts.

Keep writing. 



More shameless self-promotion

You’re all probably sick of my shameless self-promotion posts, but once again, I just wanted to share the other projects that I have been working on.

Later on this evening, you should expect my final TFC post and a summary of how I found it and my plans for the future. 

Here is my review of the Tonight Alive album ‘The Other Side’- 



what if


Now, for a bit of shameless self-promotion. I just wanted to present you all with a review that I wrote for the online magazine Yuppee. As you are all aware, I have been trying to battle my procrastination demons. Yuppee is one of the other projects that I have been working on and I just wanted to share my work with you all. 

Here is my review of the film What If and I hope that you all enjoy it- 


TFC (Day 23)- Thoughts

Today is the penultimate day of my writing challenge. Personally, I feel that this has been one of my biggest challenges over the summer. Due to my lack of motivation and my terminal procrastination, I have often found it hard to get things done. However, through using this plan, I have found my productivity levels rise dramatically over the past few weeks. 

This will be a short and sweet post as I am going to spend today’s hour on other projects, but I just wanted to encourage and challenge everyone to try and beat those procrastination demons. 

TFC (Day 19) – Relaxation

For the first time in a couple of weeks, I have a day to myself. Although that day is not today, I have decided that I want to plan my day of relaxation. To allow myself a day of self-indulgence and relaxation tomorrow, I need to ensure that I complete a few small tasks and errands today. One of these included sending an email that I have been putting off for a while. As mentioned before, I am attempting to beat my procrastination by completing any tasks that take five minutes or less as soon as possible. It is delaying these tasks and errands that causes an unthinkable amount of stress and a mountain of tasks that feels unbeatable. However, due to perseverance, I have managed to complete these tasks and as a result I can have a blissful day of nothingness and relaxation for the entirety of my Saturday.

The essential ingredients for my perfect relaxation are as follows (in no particular order)- feel free to copy a few ideas from this plan.

  1. A bath- this is not merely a tub of water, my baths take carefully planning and organisation. This bath shall be fully equipped with bubble bath, bath bombs, exfoliator, body lotion and a face mask. 
  2. Lunch- I will be buying ingredients today for my lunch tomorrow. Unfortunately, as I am terminally indecisive, I haven’t worked out what I am having yet. However, it is essential for me to have an enjoyable lunch as part of my relaxation day.
  3. Book- Reading is one of my hobbies and the written word is one of my passions. For my relaxation to be complete, a good book is integral to ensuring that my mind is occupied, yet relaxed. 
  4. Dinner- My day of indulgence also means that for one day, all thoughts of calorie counting and weight watching will be abandoned. I will eat as and when I feel like it and whatever it is that I fancy. Personally, I wouldn’t live like this on a daily basis as over-indulgence in food is not a healthy way to live but for one day, it will do no harm.
  5. No make up- Sometimes I find that wearing make up makes me feel better about myself. In contrast to this, there are days where it feels freeing to be bare-faced for the entire day. As I will not be seeing anyone apart from close family tomorrow, I am happy to put the make up brushes and concealer down for a day.
  6. PJs- This is an obvious one for me, staying in my PJs all day is a sure fire way for me to have my day of relaxation.

Other essential ingredients and activities include:

  • Watching my favourite films or TV shows
  • Wearing my favourite perfume
  • Putting my hair up
  • Turning my phone off or putting it on silent
  • Listening to my favourite songs (in and out of the bath)
  • Painting my nails
  • Using a hair treatment
  • Drinking copious amounts of tea, coffee and hot chocolate
  • Sitting in the garden during the day and looking at the stars in the evening
  • Writing poetry
  • Sleeping late into the morning

Everyone deserves a bit of time for themselves. Many feel as if it is a selfish thing to do. However, I feel as if it is essential to ensure that your own sanity is maintained. 

Take some time out for yourself.